Di Noto & Gurrieri body shop has its headquarters in Comiso in the province of Ragusa and performs repair of vehicles of any type and brand, car rental, car glass repair, darkening glass, periodic car overhaul, emergency road service and assistance claims.
The owners of the Gurrieri & Di Noto, active since 1970 in Ragusa, they have focused on a prestigious collaboration with the brand AkzoNoble to ensure production efficiency, high quality standards and a long-lasting relationship with its customers. In 2010 the company was renewed by focusing on a modern image and a greater customer focus, investing in the installation of new equipment and in setting up a new comfortable waiting room with ensuite facilities.

Personnel and its training

Today’s market requires more skills up to date and this results in higher availability and active participation by staff. At the Di Noto & Gurrieri body shop training has become a factor that determines the success of the entire professional team. The courses are followed with persistence and enthusiasm. The holders of the company by participating in trade shows and industry events, events that allow you to keep up to date, experiencing different realities.

AkzoNobel Acoat Selected network

Proper management of time and resources used are the result of a training course held by the company’s highly qualified team AkzoNobel. “For 10 years we have a solid working relationship with network born from the need to rely on the products of the complete water cycle Sikkens brand. We have embarked on the path to certification company and a series of courses on corporate organization that have contributed to growth of our business and as a management turnover.”

Clients and services

The headquarters of Di Noto & Gurrieri is a large covered 700 square meters, equipped with a yard that reaches 1000 square meters, used for storage and parking. Comes with three replacement cars and a tow truck, the company works mainly for insurance and fleet, offering roadside assistance, courtesy car, washing, treatment with nanotechnology, car glass replacement and complete management of the accident.

Some pictures of our company